The Cirrus story is one of enthusiastic and relentless innovation. We started by re-imagining personal aviation with a piston aircraft that redefined performance, style, comfort and safety. And after six generations of the SR Series, we continue to raise the bar with improvements like sophisticated avionics and luxurious interiors.

The Vision® Jet is the culmination of that same spirit of innovation. As the world’s first Personal Jet™, the Vision Jet excels in performance and is simple to fly. It’s easy to own and operate. And it’s a joy to travel in, as a pilot and as a passenger.

With the Vision Jet, we ushered in a new era of personal transportation. It’s an era where jet speed, jet comfort and jet convenience are accessible. And after winning numerous accolades and awards, including the Robert J. Collier Trophy, we are just getting started.

Introducing the Generation 2 Vision Jet – the latest example of how our team is always dreaming up what’s next in aviation.


The ultimate level of confidence starts with the total safety solution exclusively offered in every Vision Jet. Available for the first time, the Safe Return™ emergency autoland system joins a wide array of revolutionary safety systems, including the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®), designed to protect the pilot and passengers.


Designed around the largest cabin in its class, the uniquely constructed carbon fiber fuselage creates spaciousness, with unexpected head and shoulder room. Noise reduction is thoughtfully engineered throughout for a comfortable in-flight experience. Premium seats are handcrafted to perfection. And panoramic windows provide an immersive experience for everyone in the cabin.


The cabin features built-in USB power ports, 110V power plugs, cup holders and storage pockets throughout. Rear climate controls allow passengers to adjust throughout the flight. And the entertainment display easily connects to your favorite device to create a productive work space or relaxing movie screen.


Modular seating in the Vision Jet adds versatility to the cabin. Family seating allows for a total of 7 seats. And Executive Seating features two luxuriously bolstered second row seats and a center console with stow-away tables. Each cabin seat is modular and can easily be removed, giving you the added flexibility of 28 possible seating configurations.


The uniquely accommodating cabin is engineered with ergonomics in mind, featuring a slanted entry door to improve ingress and egress. Upon entry, the pilot and co-pilot seats slide back four feet to allow for easy loading and the ability to close the cabin door directly from the pilot seat while passengers sit back and relax. And Cargo X-Tend expands the baggage compartment and your adventures, making room for skis, golf clubs or other large items.


Every travel mission is unique. From passenger and gear loads to weather changes and distances, the Vision Jet adapts to your specific travel needs. With Generation 2, an expanded flight envelop to FL310 broadens your options. Increase your range to over 1,200nm or choose to carry an additional 150lbs on an 800nm mission. And with Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) capability, your Vision Jet can efficiently navigate higher flight levels. It’s one more way to experience The Cirrus Life™, at jet speed


One of the many hallmarks of Cirrus Aircraft innovation is our constant improvement of the flight experience – and Cirrus Perspective Touch+™ by Garmin® leads the way. Perspective Touch+ enhances the revolutionary flight deck experience first introduced on the Vision Jet with faster hardware, adding speed and space for future upgrades. And Intelligent Batteries ensure improved cold start capabilities and a simplified electrical system. You will enjoy faster start up, better screen resolution, faster panning and faster scrolling. And that’s just the beginning.


Autothrottle brings added sophistication to your Generation 2 Vision Jet, by allowing you to program your entire flight profile, including climbs and descents. Like using cruise control in your car, Autothrottle controls your airspeed with the push of a single button so you can navigate a busy terminal environment during your approach. Anticipate unknown obstacles, like terrain and taxiing aircraft, by using Surface Watch on final approach. The intelligent automation in the Vision Jet will increase your situational awareness and open up a whole new flight of possibilities.


Nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Knoxville, Tennessee, our Vision Center offers the world’s premier pilot training experience for both SR Series aircraft and the Vision Jet, including our brand new full-motion Level D Vision Jet flight simulator. This unique program allows you to gain confidence and skill on the ground before commanding your Vision Jet in the air, as well as gain your Vision Jet type rating.

Our worldwide network of Cirrus Training Centers and Cirrus Standardized Pilots, personally trained and evaluated by our own training specialists to ensure a factory-level experience, are also available for your recurrent training needs.

We’ve reinvented the ownership experience with a global network of Cirrus Certified Service Centers and Training Centers, as well as the JetStream ownership program – a comprehensive program that goes beyond standard engine programs and scheduled maintenance to include the added benefits of normal wear replacement, recurrent training, direct support from our talented team and much more. It’s your access to worry-free ownership.